What you can do before we launch our crowdfunding campaign on January 15nd, 2018

Crowd-funding is a fickle beast and it needs to be wooed just right to really be a success. Here's what you can do right now to help bring this to life.


Become an advocate

We are thrilled about this idea and we want you to be too! Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell a stranger! We want you to support our fundraiser but we also want to share our excitement with everyone out there. You never know who might love to know about this or who might love to be part of the team!


Whether or not you're a big social media user, reposting our message can make a BIG difference. If each person who reads this shares our site with their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter friends before you know it we have reached tens of thousands of people.

Check out the Facebook page!





Taking on a project like this is going to take a community effort and you can be a part of the movement! To raise the money for software development we are running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that will kick off on January 15nd, 2018. When we launch we're asking for whatever support we can get from those who are excited to see this become a reality. Your support truly does go a long way.