We're creating a unique video editing tool designed for creating and sharing personalized fitness videos.



Customizable classes

The ever-growing library allows exercisers access to personalized classes from their favorite teachers anywhere that they can edit and customize for their own needs. Anyone, from large brand fitness enterprises to anyone with a smart phone and a passion for fitness, can upload their own creations and offer their knowledge to the world. Our goal is to blur the lines between the teachers and the students and create a universal database for exercises(e.g. fitness, rehabilitation, education, etc.).



Layered content

The app offers a platform for fitness/health enthusiasts to customize their exercise sequences through embedded video and audio clips. By layering useful content like anatomical images and movement tutorials, the teacher has the ability to show the student exactly what they want them to see or hear at the perfect time in the sequence. 


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Interactive videos

Mūvwell creations do more than just show you videos to exercise with but allows for an interactive experience that provides immediate feedback on form and function. The media layering editor lets creators build in useful elements like live camera feeds and fitness trackers to give the user insight into their movement like never before. As the user takes a class, they can be recorded allowing them to track their progress, receive real feedback from their instructor, and make sure that they're doing their exercises correctly.